Strategic Emails Built Specifically for the Hospitality Industry

Orbit City creates fully compliant emails, newsletters and landing pages that look great in 40+ email clients and deliver the results you need.

A complete solution with design, writing, images, and a global strategy

Tested in Email on Acid to ensure flawless rendering across 40+ email clients and multiple browsers
Work with any ESP that allows you to paste in your own HTML

100% Money Back Guarantee – if you aren't thrilled, get your money back

What We Do

At Orbit City, we create game-changing email marketing specifically for the hospitality industry. We focus on creating high-value, long-term customers and direct bookings.

Email Strategy

We build savvy email marketing strategies from the ground up

Brand Stories

We do the research, writing, and design for branded story emails

Landing Pages

We create relevant, high-converting landing pages 

How You Benefit

Most hospitality marketers send e-blasts with discount offers. Constant discounts erode your brand and drive down pricing. We approach email marketing differently, so you wind up with the game-changing results your really want.

Direct Bookings

Hoteliers can convert up to one-third of OTA guests into future direct bookings, saving on OTA commissions

Repeat Business

The right frequency can keep a brand top-of-mind, resulting in repeat purchases or bookings

Brand Loyalty

Brand storytelling engages your audience and creates strong emotional bonds that create brand loyalty

Premium Pricing

Brand engagement defends premium pricing because customers buy based on brand love not offers
Before you can employ brand storytelling, you need a library of automated emails and event-driven emails in place. We've made this easy to accomplish by providing free email templates with sample copy and images in place.

Orbit City Is An Atomic Agency

Like the atom, we're small but mighty. We bring big ideas to a humble niche: hospitality email marketing.  And we produce powerful results.

What Makes Us Different

We focus exclusively on email marketing for the hospitality industry, from hotels to restaurants. We deliver enterprise-class services to smaller firms that operate with tight budgets, narrow margins, and no room for error.

Small Client Base

We choose to deliver quality services to a select number of clients. We are small, nimble, and committed to providing superior results


We are not a PSD to HTML provider. Our value is in the strategic thinking that goes into each email, particularly conversion copywriting

Fully Transparent

We're vested in your success and in being open about our pricing, our methods, and the status of each and every email project

Complete Confidentiality

All work is performed under a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA). To see samples  of our work, check out the free templates.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We put blood, sweat, and tears into every email we create. You'll love the results. And if you aren't 100% satisfied (yeah, we know, impossible), just  say so and you'll get a full refund.

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